‘Not such a simple question nowadays, as more and more maintenance contractors have started using the abbreviation ‘FM’ after their name to act as a cover all term of service provision.  There is however a simple answer:-

Facilities management (FM) is a professional discipline that focuses on the management and maintenance of facilities, buildings, and infrastructure. FM involves a range of activities and services that are essential for the effective and efficient operation of building.  Key functions of FM include:-

  1. Building Maintenance: FM professionals ensure that buildings and facilities are properly maintained
  2. Health and Safety: FM professionals ensure that buildings comply with health and safety regulations
  3. Energy Management: FM professionals can help manage the use of energy within buildings
  4. Security and Access Control: FM professionals can provide security for buildings and facilities
  5. Cleaning and Janitorial Services: FM professionals can offer to manage cleaning and janitorial services

If your FM provider can’t do any of these, they aren’t a Facilities Management company, they’re more likely a contractor.  Think before you engage your FM partner.

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